If your HVAC business gives constant attention to SEO and keywords, then it’s because you know the Internet is always on and can bring you leads 24/7. What you might not know is that you can build seasonal pages for different keywords to cover the business cycles that your company might go through each year.

Seasons Change



If your HVAC company relies heavily on air conditioner clients, then you likely have two seasons:

  • The Busy Season: Often from late spring until early fall, this is when you do most of your house calls. It’s also when you do most of your residential replacements, your highest-profit margin activity.
  • The Slow Season: Late fall through winter and into early spring is more focused on preventative maintenance contracts and services. Business is not as strong, but it’s your best bet to make money during this time of year.


Other regions might have different cycles. For instance, regions where winters are long and cold might have a second busy season focused on heating issues. They would still have slumps in the fall and spring, though, in between the seasonal extremes.

In either case, your HVAC business is likely to have both periods of high activity and profitability and stretches where things are much slower with less money to be made. As such, it makes sense to break up your target keywords into two groups focusing on each season.

Harness the Power of Local SEO

Competing against national keywords isn’t an effective use of your marketing resources, so you need to target local keywords. Anyone using Google or other search engines is probably typing in the name of their town, city, community, or region along with their keyword to narrow down results close to them. Knowing that, you shouldn’t just use the top 40 HVAC keywords for SEO in terms of overall volume but cater them specifically to people looking for professionals in your service area.

Here they are in alphabetical order with the local pages you should optimize for:

  1. AC air conditioning: Your geo + AC air conditioning
  2. Air con: Your geo + air con
  3. Air condition: Your geo + air condition
  4. Air conditioner: Your geo + air conditioner
  5. Air conditioner portable: Your geo + air conditioner portable
  6. Air conditioner price: Your geo + air conditioner price
  7. Air conditioner repair: Your geo + air conditioner repair
  8. Air conditioner unit: Your geo + air conditioner unit
  9. Air conditioner units: Your geo + air conditioner units
  10. Air conditioners: Your geo + air conditioners
  11. Air conditioners portable: Your geo + air conditioners portable
  12. Air conditioning: Your geo + air conditioning
  13. Air conditioning and heating: Your geo + air conditioning and heating
  14. Air conditioning cooling: Your geo + air conditioning cooling
  15. Air conditioning heating: Your geo + air conditioning heating
  16. Air conditioning portable: Your geo + air conditioning portable
  17. Air conditioning repair: Your geo + air conditioning repair
  18. Air conditioning system: Your geo + air conditioning system
  19. Air conditioning unit: Your geo + air conditioning unit
  20. Air conditioning units: Your geo + air conditioning units
  21. Central air: Your geo + central air
  22. Cooling and heating: Your geo + cooling and heating
  23. Furnace: Your geo + furnace
  24. HVAC air conditioning: Your geo + HVAC air conditioning
  25. HVAC: Your geo + HVAC
  26. Heating air: Your geo + heating air
  27. Heating air conditioning: Your geo + heating air conditioning
  28. Heating and air: Your geo + heating and air
  29. Heating and cooling: Your geo + heating and cooling
  30. Heat and air: Your geo + heat and air
  31. Heating and air conditioning: Your geo + heating and air conditioning
  32. Heat pump: Your geo + heat pump
  33. Heating & air conditioning: Your geo + heating & air conditioning
  34. Heating & air: Your geo + heating & air
  35. Heating & cooling: Your geo + heating & cooling
  36. Portable air conditioner: Your geo + portable air conditioner
  37. Portable air conditioners: Your geo + portable air conditioners
  38. Portable air conditioning: Your geo + portable air conditioning
  39. Repair air conditioning: Your geo + repair air conditioning
  40. Window air conditioner: Your geo + window air conditioner

Bonus Keywords to Get Through the Slow Season

A lot of HVAC contractors we work with rely on preventative maintenance services to get through the slower season.



If you have a large customer contact database, you can use email marketing effectively to promote content on your website that’s centered around the following services:

  • Thermostat replacement
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Duct cleaning
  • Indoor air quality
  • AC tune up

Simply add a page or series of short posts to your site about these services and send out an educational newsletter to your past customers.


Your Website Deserves Preventative Maintenance Too

Before you get busy pushing replacement services or preventative maintenance, consider that your own website could use a good inspection and tune-up. Regardless of the keywords or the season you are focusing on, your online domain is there all year long trying to turn your traffic into revenue.

Sign up here for our website audit to get an idea of how your SEO is doing and what it could be doing better. If you offer your own prospects free evaluations, then you know you have nothing to lose with ours.