Emails are an efficient and cost-effective way of acquiring customers, boosting sales and building brand awareness.


Compared to other online channels, email marketing has a better return on investment.

survey carried out in 2016 showed that the ROI of email marketing was about 122 percent while that of other channels like social media was only 28 percent.

Alex of VM Interactive is of the view that when it comes to email marketing, utilizing the right tools is essential for creating marketing campaigns that deliver ROI and convert. Therefore, in this article, we are going to share the top email marketing tools that you should use for your marketing campaigns.


1. Constant Contact



Constant Contact is a beginner friendly, easy to use email marketing software. It’s also one of the most popular email marketing services out there. The contacts, email lists, email templates and many other things can be easily managed on this platform. The software allows users to track and report email marketing campaigns and comes with an images library, built-in tools for social media sharing and 1GB of storage.

Email support, live chat, community support, and several resources are available to help customers learn the essential features of Constant Contact.

Constant Contact offers two plans: the $20 per month email plan and the email plus plan that starts at $45 per month.


2. ConvertKit

ConverKit is a powerful email marketing tool that’s especially useful for bloggers, marketers and authors. The simplicity of the tool makes it a great option for email marketing. ConvertKit allows users to segment their contacts into those who have made a purchase and those who are only interested. This helps users with marketing automation.

Email support is provided by ConverKit and has resources available to help people get familiar with the tool.

ConvertKit offers four plans based on the number of subscribers a user has. For 0-1k subscribers, there is a $29 month plan. For 1k-3k subscribers, a user must pay $49/month. For 3k-5k subscribers, ConvertKit will cost $79. For more than 5k subscribers, there is a custom plan available.


3. MailChimp

MailChimp is a popular email marketing software that can integrate with services and apps like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, Surveymonkey, and others. This marketing tool allows users to sync data from other services, import important content from different sources and learn how their marketing campaigns are helping their business.

MailChimp comes with a simple email creator, auto-responders, merge tags, tracking with analytics. It also allows users to segment contacts into groups. Users can set up specific delivery times depending on the time zone of users and segment them based on their location.

MailChimp not only shows how well a user is connecting with their audience, but also provides tips for further improvement. The Mobile Dashboard of MailChimp allows its users to access the platform from anywhere.

MailChimp offers a Forever Free plan at $0/month, a Growing Business plan at $10/month and a Pro plan that is available for $199 month.


4. Drip

Drip is an extremely useful platform for those who wish to sell eBooks, reports, courses and other paid media. Drip offers several tools to optimize email marketing campaigns and is easy to use. Integration add-ons are available on Drip for popular website builders like WordPress. This enables users to easily place sign-up forms on their website to capture leads.

Intelligent automation tools, list groups, smart email segment function and other features enable users to reach specific individuals in their email lists, and this sets this platform apart from many other email marketing tools out there. Drip provides support through live chat, automation training, webinars, detailed courses, excellent documentation and free guides.

Drip offers a free plan for 0-100 subscribers, a Basic $49/month plan for 101-2,500 subscribers, a Pro $99/month plan for 2,501-5,000 subscribers and a custom Enterprise plan for more than 5000 subscribers.


5. AWeber

Another popular tool used for email marketing is AWeber. AWeber provides its users several great features. The drag and drop editor combined with auto-repsonder capabilities allow users to create automated and personalized emails in a matter of minutes. Subscription forms can also be created and placed on the blog, website or Facebook page. AWeber also allows users to access charts that show the number of contacts who opened an email or accessed links within the email.

Support options of AWeber include phone support, live chat, live webinars, email support and several tutorials.

AWeber offers a free plan and after that paid plans start at $19/month for zero to 500 subscribers.

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