A Case Study In [Small Town] SEO Results


When you’ve been doing local heating and air SEO successfully for years in high-population markets, you forget just how fast things can move when there’s only 10 competitors to beat.

That’s what’s making this project so much fun. Taking a client’s business from 0 to 60 faster than a Tesla on steroids is what we live for.

Webology woke up this sleepy market in a small Alabama town overnight to help our client pull in more leads. Here’s our case study on the fastest HVAC SEO campaign of all time:


[Client-Verified Results in 14 Days]


What We Did:


Create Lead Flow in 2 Weeks from Google Business Profile Optimization


We started with the most sure-fire lead source for any local service company:

Google Maps.

After a thorough audit and update of their profile, we started building ‘business citations’ out properly like old-school SEO nerds. Attention to detail was rule #1

  • Consistent Info
  • Interlinking Social Profiles
  • Detailed Descriptions

Yes, the basic stuff still works like magic when you do it right.


Our work started with the most important contractor websites: HomeAdvisor, Yelp and the BBB. We didn’t stop there.

In total, we listed the company on 20 local business directories in week 1.

Keyword tracking showed we were able to boost our client’s visibility for ‘heating repair’ in their city of about 20k population within 10 days….In the middle of January!


A keyword tracking report showing big movements in 2 weeks.


Talk about timing, it’s cold AF out there 🥶🥶🥶

That move got me thinking…

“I wonder how far out we’ve boosted their visibility in such a short time’?

So, I decided to run a fresh map scan earlier than we normally do. In this case, I checked for the term ‘HVAC Company”.

Here’s the before and after:

A map grid report showing before and after SEO results.

That’s a 20 mile radius!!! A solid move when you consider all we did was optimize the profile and add a few citations! Now there are hundreds of homes and businesses in the area that can search Google to find our client when their furnace goes out on a cold night. Before they were only seeing our competitors on the map.

Okay Google…

Local ranking results for a Google Business Profile.


A few hours of work backed by 10+ years of local SEO experience = 5 Figure Leads in 14 Days:


Here’s what our client had to say two weeks after the ink was dry on our SEO contract:

  • We’re bidding for a job at a local apartment complex. It’s a 4 figure job that may lead to ongoing work and $50k+ in revenue through our Google Business Profile. This came in within the 2nd week of our SEO contract! [By the way…a week after I published Part II of this case study, he got that job!!!]
  • I can see my views and searches are increasing. We just got another emergency heating lead! We’re getting it done this weekend!!!
  • Our website was live in days because we told them it was a higher priority to get something good versus perfect. There’s time to keep working on it all later, after the busy season…they got us [LEADS in JANUARY] and that’s what mattered most to us.


[January 30 2022 Update]


Okay, so it’s a Sunday afternoon and what am I doing on my off day?

Wondering what’s up with that keyword of course!

January 30 2022 ranking screenshot.

Calls client…

‘How’d it go this week?”

‘Can’t talk bro, we have 4 repair calls and an install today!’

‘Awesome, talk to you on our check-in call next week!’


How Small-Town Campaigns Make SEO [More] Fun


What took my team 6 months in New Orleans might be a 2 week time-frame in a town with less than 45,000 people. That’s FUN! But it’s not the norm in the SEO industry.

Far from it!

In fact, our client had already invested in marketing for months with another agency before we met…SEO didn’t work out for them at first 🤔


It’s Okay, We Got This Shit!


While there may be fewer HVAC businesses to compete with, agencies shouldn’t let their guard down in small-town America. Most of those companies are already paying for SEO and have been for years. Fortunately for our client, we’re HVAC SEO pros that know a few [Google Friendly] shortcuts to overtake bigger brands.

Here’s how we stood out in just 2 weeks:

  • Cookie-cutter plans won’t work against real SEO. That’s what everyone else in town did. We ate their strategies for breakfast by building a custom content plan.


  • Google Business Profile optimization pays dividends before your organic SEO kicks in. We focused on profile completeness, reviews and posts.


  • Credit where it’s due: Our client’s a BOSS at getting reviews in the field and the last Google update really rewarded review frequency…


  • LINKS! – The difference between the biggest local brand and you in Google’s eyes is often 200 links or less! See Below:


Charts showing new links added for our client.


Small Moves Created $50k+ in Leads within 14 Days


To dominate your local HVAC market like our client did, you need a digital strategy that produces results FAST. Our custom SEO plans in cities of 45,000 or less are proven to generate ROI quickly, so:


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It’s free, you don’t have anything to lose!!!

At Webology, we specialize in HVAC SEO. Our team knows how to market heating and air conditioning services in markets ranging from 15,000 to 500,000+ in population size.

We understand the unique challenges that come with marketing in a small town like yours. We know it sucks in mild weather and we have strategies to keep your crews busy in Autumn and Spring. Our team has the tools and experience necessary to help you succeed year-round.

In just two weeks, we achieved remarkable results for one of our clients in a 20,000+ population market saturated with established HVAC businesses.

If you’re looking for an SEO company that doesn’t pull that ‘it takes time’ bullshit, reach out today for faster results! This Case Study Continues: View Part II