Remember this case study we posted back on January 25th? That site’s still going strong 💪💪💪

This post is an update on the most amazing [small town] HVAC SEO campaign of all time. We’ve been working with this client for about 3 months now…

Here’s some of the latest communications that went back and forth in February 2022:

client communications heating and air case study 2022

Let’s GOOO!!!!!! 🎉🍻

Even though we can’t get a break from James Spann and his unseasonably mild central Alabama weather in 2022, the client’s staying BUSY!!! My office in Birmingham is 72 and sunny everyday right now. I know we’re not getting leads on the same level as we did last month, when it was in the damn 20’s. 🥶⛄🧊

In spite of uncooperative weather this February, here’s what our tracked keywords are looking like these days…We RANK like MAD now, but there’s not going to be enough search volume for us to see the traffic we want until the seasons change. When we get back to mid 80’s, it’s GO TIME 🙏🤞

All campaign data in SEMrush from 2022 so far.

What about their map rankings you ask? The client’s KILLING IT there too!!! Here’s December versus March results in a 20 MILE RADIUS around their office:


before and after 20 mile map scan

What’s the keyword you ask? Oh…nothing simple to rank for, just ‘AC repair’ 😎


What’s Next for this Heating and Air Campaign?HVAC SEO Icon

Premium Citations!!!

We started putting a bug in our client’s ear. Bro…you need to join the chamber. It’s cheaper than the BBB and you get a lot of local link relevancy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s almost time to get accredited with the BBB, but let’s be smart with our budget for premium local directories like these two.


Here is another client communication around SEO next steps.


My Advice on the BBBblue icon

Yes, you need it. Absolutely. It’s just that the local Chamber of Commerce membership often:

We advised our client to hold off for a while and instead see if their local Chamber offered a cheaper yearly membership for the business. What did he do? Our client gets our text and then proceeds to:

  • Buy a Chamber Membership
  • Buy the BBB Accreditation anyway!!!
  • Go out and get a license to do refrigeration work

All in a week!!!

We have to respect the hustle:


Client communicating a new certification to us.


Licensing is great because it opens up a new line of business for the client. What does it mean for our team? It’s time for us to edit their content production schedule…


Our 100% Custom Local HVAC SEO Content StrategiesFinal Thoughts on Local SEO from Webology


We specialize in HVAC SEO. A big part of that work is planning out the perfect content strategy and prioritizing tasks to produce mad results on the client’s website. We had already rebuilt their existing site [BETTER] in our first case study and by the end of February, we had our first brand-new page live. It was a location page for a nearby suburb of about 10,000 people. The client requested it because it’s one of those lake-home communities that tend to be great areas for heating and air companies to service. Here’s how our new suburb page was ranking, thanks to [the very best] on-page SEO services Alabama’s ever seen:


This page ranked almost instantly thanks to on-page SEO!


Not bad for a 2 week old page with ZERO links, huh?

We’ll add those links eventually but that’s not the most important thing to do next, so we’ll do what’s right for the client instead. We moved on to addressing that refrigeration certification on the website for him…

I’ve been doing SEO for local businesses in Roofing, HVAC, Cleaning, Flooring, Home Inspections and more home services businesses like that for about 7 years now. If I’ve learned anything it’s that COMMERCIAL keywords are always much easier to rank for in this niche.

Our client just got certified to do refrigeration work for grocers, convenience stores and restaurants. That’s a big deal! We need to build that page out next if we’re prioritizing our work based on the customer’s needs. If anything sets the team at Webology apart, it’s our ability to PIVOT when the client needs us to! That’s where we’re at right now in this campaign. At the time of writing, I have just built a new service page for refrigeration and we’re adding it to our keyword tracking. I’ll post the third part in this case study once we see how that one ranks without any link building work at all…

Why I’m So Confident This Page Can RANK Without Links?Backlinks Icon - Pagerank

I took a good look around the local search engine results pages [SERPs] for the keyword ‘commercial refrigeration + our client’s city’. No one’s really targeting it! Page #1 of Google’s dominated by aggregator sites and irrelevant businesses from other areas. My challenge will simply be to outrank them here and in a larger city that’s nearby. It’s a massive opportunity for this client, and we can do it! I’ll post that update in a few weeks once Google’s has time to catch up to the amazing work our SEO team does. 😆

In the meantime, be sure to check out our full list of case studies for more amazing local SEO results.