There’s so many places to list your HVAC business on the internet these days.


All you need to know is how to write the most compelling description to target your key audience and then you’re good to go.

First, there’s your website and social media profiles for your business. Look at that as your foundation because that’s your first impression.

Then there’s other outlets like online directories that you can list your business on! Anywhere your brand appears on the internet from your own website to online directory submissions are all crucial in creating the online presence your business needs.

You can start with your mission statement and also create descriptions around your brand story.

Compelling and keyword-rich business descriptions provide a clear overview of what your company offers. By using this strategy, you can set your HVAC business apart from the others and help you get ahead of other local heating and air companies!

This blog post will show you how to write an HVAC business description that will get you noticed by potential customers searching for a solution!

Your website’s “About” page is a great place to start.


You’ll be able to use the content of this page literally anywhere you need to create a business description.


Leverage your existing content on your About Us page for easy inspiration.


Remember that this page is essentially where new and returning visitors will go to learn more about who you are, so it’s important they are able to understand at a glance everything from who you serve, how much experience you have in HVAC along with any certifications you have.

Be Sure to Include the Basics.


Always remember that the reason you’re writing a business description is to introduce your company and the services you provide.

These readers most likely don’t know you yet. So, it’s important to list out the basic and most essential information about your company like:


A decorative image encouraging you to stick to the basics with your message.


  • Your company name.
  • Your products and services.
  • What value do you provide?
  • Your business location, if applicable.
  • Your website address.


Get Inspiration from Other HVAC Businesses.


Your business description should be able to clearly deliver what your business does.

But if you’re quite unsure about what to include or how to begin, using your competitors for some inspiration in your industry could help you figure out how to create your own business description. 

Start by finding some of the big names in the HVAC industry and use their description as a template. Also look at their websites and social media profiles.

It’s an extra step, but by looking at your competitors’ online presence can help you with business descriptions for your own HVAC business.


Pick Your Keywords.


Keywords are the words that your potential customers will type into search engines when they’re looking for products or services like yours.

If you don’t include them in your business description, it just makes it much harder to be found online by people who need what you have!

The best thing to do is identify which keywords would be most likely searched by your potential customers. Try a few different options, and see which terms get the most traction when you do some Google searches for them. 


Always carefully select your keywords.


Once you have identified what words to use, try writing down all of the phrases that come into mind with those particular keywords at hand right now!

This will help you have a list of variations to use on your “About Page” and anywhere else you need to include them.


Use an Active Voice.


Keeping your writing style active and concise is key to keeping people’s attention.

Passive voice can be used to describe things in a more fluid or less direct way. But using an active tone will allow you to include keywords without making them sound too pushy and can also help you rank better in Google Maps locally.


Learn how to rank better in Google Maps.


Create Descriptions That are Consistent With Your Brand Voice.


When it comes to creating business descriptions, you want to write something that is in line with your company’s brand voice. Your tone should always be consistent across all of your platforms so that people can get a feel for who you are and it makes your HVAC business more recognizable locally. 


A consistent brand voice is critical to the success of your HVAC company.


A well-recognized brand is more likely to be the go-to for your potential customers.

Why trust an HVAC business you are not familiar with, right?


Create Customized Descriptions for Each Platform.


When creating business descriptions, they should be tailored to each platform you will submit them to.

Avoid using the same description over and over again as that would look spammy and unprofessional. Moreover, each platform will have character limits that you need to consider when making business descriptions.

Your main business descriptions should be longer because they’re intended to be used on your website, directories, and social media sites. 


Be aware of the character limits on different platforms.


Social media platforms will have lower character limits so you need to be able to create shorter versions of your main business description.

These are some of the character limits that you should know about:

  • Twitter – 160
  • Instagram – 150
  • LinkedIn – 2000
  • Yelp – 150

Remember that unique and keyword rich business descriptions can set you apart from your competitors. Spend time and effort creating descriptions that are not just worth reading, but compelling and keyword-rich. Keep in mind the tips above and you’ll be sure to master the art of creating business descriptions for your heating and air business in no time.


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